A perfect vehicle for the mobile first-aid and medical care units

CP 0103 is created to help medical workers provide more immediate medical assistance


Go further, help more people, help the planet

  • Range starts at 300 km

    CP 0103 can run the whole day with our 300km+ range on one fully-charged set of batteries. This unprecedented range has never been an option for any EV priced at $5,500. It does last the whole day!
  • Go further with solar panels on your sunroof

    Yes, you got it right! Solar panels will charge your vehicle and provide power for the refrigerator and heaters. It allows you to extend your range, if the sun is available in the delivery area.
  • Eco-friendly and budget-friendly

    The safety of our planet doesn’t have to be expensive. We finally have something that is both safer for the planet and also safer for your wallet! Cleverpods are 20 time more cost-efficient per km, compared to the average gasoline car.
  • Interchangeable batteries

    You can easily detach the batteries and charge them indoors. If you buy an extra-set of batteries, you can charge them, while the others are in use. The Cleverpod can run 24/7 with two sets of batteries.

Proper sanitation saves lives, and it’s worth the hassle

Cabin wet cleaning done in minutes

At Cleverpod, we believe that sanitation and cleaning shouldn’t be that hard. The CP 0103 is ready to be cleaned with minimum effort. Simply detach and remove all the compartments and the battery, and voila! Your Cleverpod is ready to take a shower.

Say no to 99% of microbes and bacteria with ultra-violet

You can equip your Cleverpod with an ultra-violet anti-bacterial lamp to keep the micro-organisms away from the vehicle. Turn on the lamp after each delivery, or between the shifts of different operators.

Ready for disasters and outbreaks

National emergencies or virus outbreaks can often overload our transportation and medical systems. Cleverpod's speed-of-light sanitation, its reasonable price that allows rapid expansion of the fleet and small dimensions are the key during these times.


  • CP 0103-01

    It has a seat for the patient and a side cabinet for the half of the volume of the rear space. This can be used for a medical bag, medical equipment and medicines. A special purpose curtain is used for securing cargo during transportation. If it is necessary to deliver large medical equipment, the shelves inside the cabinet can be easily removed and folded.

  • CP 0103-02

    This cabinet is for the entire volume of the cargo space. It has a horizontally opening lid and is divided into five compartments, with three compartments that are designed for a medical bag, medical equipment or medicines and two compartments for small medicines. If large medical equipment must be delivered, the shelves inside the cabinet can be easily removed and folded. The total capacity is 450L. The shelves and partitions inside the cabinet can be customized, based on your company’s needs. We can also equip the cabinet with a pull-out drawer, with the size that you specify.

Full list of available features


  • Drive motor wheel 3WD — up to 4000W. Speed — 80 km/h ​
  • Power supply:

    a) Two independent standard batteries. They can be charged separately and can be quickly replaced. They provide a delivery range of up to 130 km

    b) Three independent batteries. They can be charged separately and can be quickly replaced. They provide a delivery range of up to 195 km

    c) Two independent high-capacity batteries. They can be charged separately and can be quickly replaced. They provide a delivery range of 200+ km

    d) Three independent high-capacity batteries. They can be charged separately and can be quickly replaced. They provide a delivery range of 300+ km

    e) Solar battery on the roof to power the refrigeration unit and recharge the batteries​​

  • Removable tablet computer
  • There is a projection display on the windshield to display notifications (system, educational) and motion cards ​
  • Video recorder ​
  • Modem with LTE support​
  • Pressure sensor in the wheels ​
  • IP cameras for remote surveillance and monitoring ​
  • Rear-view camera ​
  • 360 dash cam ​
  • Parking assistant ​
  • Sensor for closing doors ​
  • Belt sensor​
  • Alcohol sensor​
  • Temperature sensors​
  • Fingerprint sensor​
  • Motion sensor (volume) — detects presence in the vehicle​
  • Pressure Sensor under the seat (indicates whether the driver has sat in the seat)​
  • Digital object distance sensor​
  • Integrated energy-saving mode ​
  • Temperature control in thermo-plant ​
  • Vehicle exterior cleanliness control​
  • Odometer ​
  • Headlights automatically turn on in dark or fog
  • Auto-Switching headlights for near and far​
  • Steering wheel buttons to select responses in ADANEC format ​
  • Alarm ​
  • Fingerprint sensor for opening doors​
  • Fingerprint starter​
  • Emergency call button ​
  • Portable radio transmitter for areas with poor cell phone reception ​
  • Window washer ​
  • Special wheel bolt​
  • Ability to sync a cell phone with the system​
  • Auto-switching wipers for rain ​
  • Motor growl sound ​
  • Winter tires
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  • ADANEC driver training and assessment interface ​
  • Remote control (view battery charge data, route, etc., ability to slow down, turn off auto) ​
  • Functionality for receiving/delivering meals, beverages and foodstuffs ​
  • Maintenance check reminders​
  • Transport's geo-location and synchronization with company software ​
  • Journal for transport invoices/waybills ​
  • Car visit statistical log ​
  • Sanitary journal ​
  • Tricycle damage journal ​
  • Driver/courier profile ​
  • Shift change functionality ​
  • Shift data (start of shift, lunch, end of shift, expenses) tracking functionality ​
  • Basic autopilot functions ​
  • Engine power control ​
  • Adverse weather notifications ​
  • Notice about danger through mirrors


  • Rear view mirror ​
  • Interior light​
  • UV disinfection lamps​
  • Location for charging ​
  • Storing the cash terminal ​
  • Air conditioning ​
  • Option to install an additional fan into the cabin​
  • Additional charging for gadgets ​
  • Fire extinguisher, safety vest and emergency sign ​
  • Stereo multimedia player (player/radio with Bluetooth, USB, AUX) ​
  • Glove box for documents and pens ​
  • Glove compartment for first aid kit ​
  • Storage location for sunglasses ​
  • Drink cup holder ​
  • Phone holder with charger ​
  • Umbrella storage​
  • Seat with built-in massager ​


  • Folding trunk in the rear of the CP001 series for large cargo ​
  • Advertising display in the rear of CP001 series ​
  • Ability to mount the light box with advertising on a Cleverpod's roof​
  • Megaphone for advertising ​
  • Engagement hook ​
  • Tow truck hooks ​
  • Trailer hook ​
  • Spare tire, jack and wrench storage​
  • License place/frame​
  • Bumper, radiator and front fender customization​
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Cargo-transformer with up to a 450L capacity

Cleverpod is now taking pre-orders for the CP 0103.

Get your foot in the door early, before the news gets out. We anticipate being at capacity for the year shortly after we launch. Therefore, a pre-order is the only way to make sure that your business doesn’t miss out.
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