Founder’s Vision Letter

Dear All,

Thank you for your interest in CLEVERPOD company.

I would like to introduce my vision as Founder, Inventor and CEO.

The world is being rapidly robotized and this changes the way we are looking at our home appliances. The electronic devices we use daily are becoming smarter, more autonomous and turning into help-givers much like human assistants.

Something similar is booming in the transportation industry, where integrated virtual assistants and automated, even driverless, driving options enable us to perceive a vehicle not quite as a "thing" but as an almost full-scale personal aid.

With our historic background, we can spot a resemblance, a kind of spiral-like cycle. The horse used to be that very helper, and now we have a responsive, communicating autorobot.

It is crucial to create synergy between personal and technological development at this stage. True, a fully autonomous delivery robot is advantageous, yet not ideal. Such vehicle can not be fully functioning without a human operator. Unlike men, autorobot is not capable of risk assessment within the current city infrastructure. For example, a delivery robot would be glued to the pavement forever as it is assessing multiplying threats like people and vehicles, that are disorderly passing by. Likewise, in agricultural industry human presence could be paramount in terms of analysis and risk assessment.

A human operator should certainly sustain and improve their expertise. Ironically, it's advancing automation that can result in operator's lack of enthusiasm as well as time or money pressure when it comes to simulated learning or attending courses.

With our hardware-software ecosystem for managing autorobot and integrated solutions which support AIP-learning method and transform the vehicle into a full-scale training device our company pursues a goal of creating synergy of an operator and autorobot where operator's advancing analytical skills enhance the quality of fast and reliable automated functions.

With our unique focus on POD*mobiles we believe that thought-through, balanced "symbiotic" operator-autorobot tandem can bring more harmony and less anxiety into turbulent employment and people development sectors.

November 22th, 2019

Alex Yuryev photo

Best regards, Founder & CEO

Alexander Yuryev