Complex Solutions

With help of our Eco-System (CleverPOD Bridge & CleverPOD Remote Control HUB), we are ready to prepare a complex solution for your business.

In combination with our software & hardware solutions we will use our best professionals with great experience to solve your individual PROBLEM OF THE DAY.

Based on following steps we will prepare an individual offer for your company

  1. 1. Business Analysis

    Specification and definition of:
    • - Business sphere (parcel service, food delivery, hotel services, administrative works)
    • - Tasks (quick delivery, clean delivery, payment solutions, staff qualific., monitoring)
    • - Staff Profiles (experience, profile description)
    • - Location (city, BEV infrastructure, delivery points, traffic situation etc.)
    • - Challenges (individual business problems, spheres of cost reductions)
    • - KPIs (running costs, nr. of employees, lead time, execution time, etc.)
  2. 2. Verification and Services Definition

    Based on collected data about your company, we will analyze it and identify right services out of our basket.
  3. 3. Special Solutions & IT integration

    In addition to our existing services, we will develop together with you and in relation to given tasks, you individual solutions to optimize your business processes.

    Furthermore we are ready to synchronize our IT solutions with your IT eco-system (CRM, HRMS etc.) and adapt backend/frontend of given client-interfaces (operator, coordinator).

    And on top of this, we are ready to setup all relevant interfaces, to provide you with the possibility connecting with other displays or devices, which are needed within your business process landscape.

  4. 4. Car Specification

    Based on previous analysis and definition of services and special solutions, we will specify the relevant car specification and options for your business. Of course we are ready to develop special customizing solutions (special color for exterior/interior) for your company.
  5. 5. Business Plan & Finance Model Definition

    Based on given parameters (cars specification, services, KPIs etc.) together with your finance team, we will define the right business model and financial plan with positive result for your company.
  6. 6. Staff Hiring & Qualification

    We help your company to find the right staff und to qualify them:
    • - Operator & Coordinator Hiring
    • - Training program development & execution
    • - Usage of our systems to monitor the development of the staff
  7. 7. Business Monitoring

    As soon as the car park and all relevant services will be installed, we will continuously monitor your running business and optimize your business processes on regular basis.
  8. 8. Marketing Solutions

    With the existing marketing solutions, we can broadcast your advertising content from the parked or moving POD to attract customer. We can create a unified vehicle media environment for providing access to media content and its output through various interfaces, including marketing and entertainment materials.
  9. 9. Service

    To make sure a smooth running business, a service team from our side is ready to support your fleet coordinator. Spare cars can be part of our collaboration in case of a car-down situation.


Dear customer, we are ready to provide you with the full scope of services- step by step and of course you can chose only those services, you really need – you have the full flexibility.

Feel free to get in contact with us and we will prepare an individual offer for you based on your needs. We are ready to prepare a complex solution for you based on a car park of 10 PODs.

In the first step we are ready to analyze your business sphere and your needs, in order to prepare the right offer and scope of work for your company.

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