Cleverpod Bridge

Сomplete software and hardware solution that adds new capabilities to any vehicle type by turning it into a semi-automated machine with all structural benefits.

The solution package is designed to give the ability to remote (or local) control systems and Operators to monitor and control vehicle state through the low-level control channels. The low-level interaction is achieved by a hardware solution that reads the physical status of vehicle components using specialized digital equipment and controls the digital and mechanical components.

CleverPod Bridge is compatible with external control systems. However, it is recommended to use it in conjunction with the CleverPod Remote Controle HUB software package.


  • Universal The low-level control gives the ability to provide a custom solution to the specialized ground and water vehicles (transportation of perishable goods and medicines, soil cultivation, emergency services) with automated scenarios. They reduce human interaction with the system and allow the crew to focus on the primary task, which improves service.
  • Compatible Cleverpod Bridge has native support of widely used industrial protocols that makes it compatible with almost any device available in the market. The implemented Industry 4.0 protocols allow Cleverpod Bridge to go beyond the locally installed devices and allow it to communicate with systems installed in remote locations such as warehouses or control center.
  • Compact The dimensions of the hardware components of the automation system is one of the main issues preventing their spread in the industry. Small vehicles are usually densely equipped, leaving little room for the installation of the custom solutions. Our small-form-factor hardware design removes this issue from the equation because hardware modules are compact and have flexible mounting options. Moreover, the hardware modules have IP68 protection and enhanced vibration resistance which allows the system to be placed in almost any place in the vehicle.
  • Analytics Cleverpod Bridge continuously collects and analyzes system readings (including all connected modules and devices) and human commands. Data processed and analyzed at two points independently: local compute unit and cloud compute unit. The local compute unit is responsible for detecting critical failures that need urgent human attention or intervention. The cloud compute unit performs a deeper analysis and provides detailed statistics that can be used during the decision-making process.
  • Modular Modular software and hardware architecture allow building a custom solution or extend an existing solution with new functionalities to suit the business needs while keeping control over the vehicle simple and user-friendly.
  • Remote Control Interface (RCI) Remote Control Interface duplicates all functionality of build-in HMI with the aim to provide exclusive control right to the remote-control center in case of emergency. RCI is the most privileged interface and able to override local HMI commands depending on preset permission levels set by the organization.
  • Data Protection All traffic used for RCI and HMI is encrypted even for the local connections. This removes the risk of control over the vehicle being overtaken by a third party.
  • Human-Machine Interface (MHI) Cleverpod Bridge provides cross-platform graphical and voice interfaces that provide users with the most recent system readings and allow to change the state of digital and mechanical components depending on user permission level.

About Bridge

Cleverpod Bridge plays the role of the controller, maintaining the direct connection with the digital equipment to collect their readings and control their state through the well established Industrial protocols (MODBUS, Serail, RS-232, and others) and IoT protocols (CoAP, MQTT, and others). However, not all devices are capable of sharing information over a communication channel (ex.: relay). The state of these devices is managed by a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) which fills the communication gaps and is able to perform complex IO tasks.

The product is constantly being developed and improved.

Our team is open to cooperation in the scope of integration of third-party systems or solutions and open to the calls for new functionalities.

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Cleverpod Bridge is compatible with the external control solutions;
however, for a better experience, we recommend to use the CleverPod Remote Controle HUB solution.