About Cleverpod

Humans have made enormous breakthroughs in transportation over the last 120 years. We’ve gone from horse-driven carriages to autonomous high-speed cars. It doesn’t seem to be stopping there.

What We Do

System integrator for specialized robotic vehicles (vessels) for land and waterborne transportation and delivery.

With its hardware-software system and cloud computing ecosystem, the Company specializes in production and automation of various transportation vehicles. We offer a range of cutting edge services to help you optimize your day-to-day operation activities for leaner and faster performance.

Mission and vision

Cleverpod was founded in 2019 with an ambitious mission — to achieve the next level synergy between people and vehicles. We believe that this synergy can be achieved through mutual and adaptive training.

We’d want to go beyond the driver-car type of relationship. Vehicles get smarter every day, and we’d like the people, who operate these vehicles to also extend their skills. By using today’s technology, we can transfer sophisticated data between vehicles, operators and the datacenter. This data can help us to learn more about the transportation process, to train the personnel, and to promote the safety of employees and cargo.

Why our vehicle is called Cleverpod

  • A long-range electric (200km+) vehicle
  • Interchangeable sets of batteries
  • 360° das cam, anti-theft, and break-in alarm systems, fingerprint lock
  • AC, heater, sunroof, massage seat
  • Remote connection to EV
  • Exterior mods, projections, and sound broadcasting solutions

Cleverpod’s products are augmented with sensors, cameras, projection and broadcasting equipment. They are more functionally advanced than a car or a motorcycle. They may be static or moving, autonomous or manned, high-speed or slow-paced. We use the term Cleverpod to describe this variety.

Cleverpod’s philosophy brings another perspective to the name Cleverpod. It is an acronym that stands for Problem of the Day. Each day inevitably brings new challenges, which become problems for us to work on. All of our products are focused on specific problems currently facing our society.

Part of Cleverpod’s mission is to bring the premium features like fingerprint locks, massaging seats, 360-degree dash camera, and remote access into the value-for-money tier of the market. We would like these premium features to be accessible to workers for food deliveries, or mobile urgent care units, who deserve these features the most. These individuals, who spend over 8 hours per day responding to the challenging circumstances during unsettling times. We must start taking care of their working conditions and make their lives easier and safer. A clean working environment and sanitary safe contact are must-haves. They are no longer optional.

Why now

Natural disasters and outbreaks are adding another perspective to safety and sanitary norms. More products and services are being delivered to homes. Our vehicles will get smaller and smarter to allow these improvements in professional transportation. Rapid expansion of a fleet may sometimes become a priority. Our vehicles will allow you to save on parking space, transportation expenses, and vehicle costs.

Why now image
The future image

The future

Future Cleverpod product development will include new cost-efficient and eco-friendly vehicles for agriculture, advanced mobile medical emergency and other micro-mobility developments.

To improve the connection between operators and Cleverpods, we will continue our work on AI-powered vehicle operating systems. The Cleverpod of the future will be able to talk to the operator and dispatcher, train personnel, analyze their skills, communicate to the operator remotely and help with navigation and driving.

Improvements in the experience and efficiency of mobile professional service providers and deliveries may have a significant impact on the transportation ecosystem of the planet.

Cleverpod believes in synergy between human and technology. Company’s mission is to contribute to this process.
Yours faithfully,
CEO Alexander Yuryev
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