Our CLEVERPOD is here to deliver a cleaner tomorrow

Cleverpod makes electric vehicles for professional services

What We Do

System integrator for specialized robotic vehicles (vessels) for land and waterborne transportation and delivery.

With its hardware-software system and cloud computing ecosystem, the Company specializes in production and automation of various transportation vehicles. We offer a range of cutting edge services to help you optimize your day-to-day operation activities for leaner and faster performance.

Why Now?

Cleverpod’s mission is to help businesses adapt to our changing world in a cost-effective way. Cleverpod is an innovation-focused vehicle, that helps businesses keep their employees and customers safe. From restaurants to pharmacies and flower shops to electrical services, delivery businesses of all types can benefit from Cleverpod’s advanced electronics and smart features for neat-n-quick sanitation.

Natural disasters and outbreaks may change our world overnight. They increase the demand for delivery, urgent medical help and professional services delivered to the home. Companies always rush to adapt to the ‘new normal’ with masks and gloves, rapid expansion of their fleet and contact-free transactions.

CLEVERPODS key features

  • Easy to keep your Cleverpod sparkling clean
  • Remote cleanliness control
  • Premium safety features at low price
  • Long-range electric vehicle

Innovation that keeps employees and customers safe

  • Easy to keep your Cleverpod sparkling clean Removable compartments and batteries makes Cleverpod ready for wet sanitation in minutes.
  • Premium safety features at low price 360° dash cam with removable connection, anti-theft and break-in alarm systems, fingerprint lock with remote access control.
  • Remote cleanliness control Sensors will let you know when your Cleverpod is going into wet car wash. You can check the cabin cleanliness with a remote video connection.
  • Long-range electric vehicle Charge one set, while the other is on the go! Up to 200km+ on one fully charged set.

Limitless compartment customization

Customize your Cleverpod for food delivery, safe transportation of vaccines, fresh flowers, mail and parcels, etc.
Get up to 450L of freezers, fridges, heater, and sealed or ventilated boxes pre-installed in your vehicle. If you need more carrying capacity — add up to a 65L thermal bag on top of it!

CP 0101 is an innovative, highly scalable and safe professional transportation vehicle.
It is designed to keep the world connected through the safe delivery of essential items and services.